When I ask clients, “How is your relationship with yourself?” the immediate response is something like, “I am really hard on myself.”  “I don’t like myself.” Based on hours of counseling I noticed a trend. Most clients  judge, condemn, guilt, and drive themselves to perfection. Loving Yourself as God Does begins where many of us struggle: in an internal war with the person I really don’t like: myself.

Loving Yourself as God Does gives Christians insight into their heart of hearts as to why they are so hard on themselves.  You will experience the Good News (Gospel) of God’s grace and mercy, love and acceptance. Issues like God-Esteem vs. Self-Esteem; boundaries with others and with self; authenticity; letting go; Grace vs. the Law; wounds of the past, family of origin issues; toxic lies we believe about self and God; strength in weakness; learning to rest in the midst of trials and confusion are all addressed. These healthy principles will help reduce reader’s depression and anxiety bringing them to a greater maturity in Christ. You learn to give yourself  love and forgiveness in spite of not being all  you want to be as a Christian.

Each chapter is sprinkled with open-ended questions for personal journaling. The reader will go on an open and honest inner journey with the Lord to discover what wounds in their past are present today and negatively impacting their present relationships. In the appendix are many resources to help you.

Even though I am a Licensed Professional Counselor I wrote Loving Myself as God Does because I too was at war with myself. I first ended my war with God some fifteen years prior to ending the war with myself. Don’t wait so long.

I work with small groups and large groups helping  participants glean God’s principles for what I coined as God-Esteem. I can be contacted at mickyl@tds.com.